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BRIGHT FOUNDATION organizes various programs of volunteer management, workshops & training and skill development. Trust works towards empowering lives to provide sustainable livelihoods. We focus on making all our programs an inclusive process in order to build individual and collective platforms to contribute meaningfully in the social development sector. Our mission is To provide platforms for exchange of ideas, skills and learning in the social development sector & our vision is to bring about positive social change.

Facilitation of One Day Events/Community Weeks:

Half or full day events or community weeks are organized for companies and its employees by Joining Hands.
Some examples are -

  • Constructive one-day volunteering opportunities
  • Facilitation of employee educational outings with underprivileged children
  • Setting up medical camps in slums
  • Installing drinking water Purifier as a tool of Disaster management
  • Organizing and facilitation of various competitions/ special days/ holiday celebrations/ workshops/training’s in NGO Schools/centers
  • Youth mobilization and skill matching
  • Training of employees in live theaters to raise awareness on relevant topics
  • NGO products (fair trade) display for sale in office


Opportunities for Volunteers in BRIGHT:

  • Make strategies for the country/world
  • Better networking
  • Lesser Egos with higher Moral Values and Idealism
  • Opens your Mind
  • Be a Leadership
  • And Many more………