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DB Merit Academic Scholarship 2018,Merit List will be available in the website soon
Answer scripts showing schedules
  1. 1. GMIT Centre-2/2/18 & 25/2/18
  2. 2. Kolkata Centre-2/2/18 & 25/2/18
  3. 3. South 24 Pargana centre-7/2/18 & 8/2/18
  4. 4. Bankura-11/2/18 & 12/2/18
  5. 5. Purba Midnapore (3 centres)-14/2/18 & 15/2/18
  6. 6. Paschim Midnapore(3Centres)-22/2/18 & 23/2/18
Dhurjoti Banerjee Merit Academic Scholarship 2018 [An Initiative of GMIT]
D.B. Merit Academic scholarship test , a thorough initiative of GMIT, aided by Bright Foundation ,an NGO and Humanitarian Trust, will be conducted on 21st January, 2018. Since 3 years we have been conducting this as BRIGHT scholarship exam but this year we named it as Dhurjoti Banerjee Merit Academic Scholarship in the memory of Shri Dhurjoti Banerjee, one of the founders of BRIGHT.  More..
  • BRIGHT Scholarship Test 2018

    Dhurjoti Banerjee Merit Academic Scholarship Test 2018 was successfully conducted on 21st 

  • Upcoming Projects

    UPCOMING:The upcoming projects of the trust are related to health and livelihood. The proj

  • Collaboration with IIT(Bombay)

    BRIGHT have been ủy quyền out Tây Bengal to truyền bá nhận thức and

Vision & Mission

To make India and the world a better place to live in for the economically backward classes. Excellency in meeting the basic needs of economically backward people by engaging proactively in the change process through highest standard of Governance. 



Education, Sound health, Safe and Clean drinking water with hygienic sanitation and sustainable market focused livelihood programs for under privileged citizens.


Core Values

Highly educated and experienced team members with strong zeal to uplift downtrodden individuals.Ethical and transparent.Good Governance and Empowerment





D.B. Merit Academic scholarship test

A brief talk about Dhurjoti Banerjee Merit Acedemic Scholarship 2018 by noted Rabindra Researcher Dr. Vivekananda Chakraborty, Paschim Medinipur District