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Proposal to become a District Level Activity Centre ( DLAC)

Brajeshwari Radharaman Inter Generations Humanitarian Trust (“BRIGHT”) is a nonprofit public charitable trust engaged in various humanitarian activities in the area of health and education, sanitation, and so on. The activities of BRIGHT are focused mainly in the state of West Bengal for the economically backward classes. The trust is dedicatedly involved in various CSR projects and activities for the development of the students for past several years. It is registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961 and is covered under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act.

One of the major initiatives undertaken so far by the Trust is:

BRIGHT Test and Students Scholarship:

BRIGHT Test is DIPSTICK for the JEE aspiring students. The test is conducted free of cost by the trust every year for more than 10,000 not so fortunate students. The test is organized in more than 18 examination centres in West Bengal. After the evaluation, free educational counseling and guidance is provided to the students. BRIGHT Foundation also takes pride to offer “Means cum Merit” Scholarship upto Rs. 1 Crore to those meritorious students. BRIGHT Foundation also helps bright students to get sponsored from different corporate houses in order to enable them to fight all the economic adversities and pursue higher study.

Incase you are interested to tie up with BRIGHT then carefully read the following terms and conditions as well as all the annexure.

1) This contract is valid for an initial period of one year from the date of this letter. This contract may be renewed after completion of initial one year upon mutual consent.

2) You are guided by the scope of works defined by as enclosed in Annexure 1

3) You have to strictly follow and agree the dos and don’ts as mentioned by us. Enclosed as Annexure 2

4) You have to sign a Non-Disclosure agreement with us at the time of accepting this offer

5) This contract will stand valid subject to your proper acceptance of all the terms and conditions including the commercials as mentioned in Annexure 3

6) Incase a DLAC is not working properly or not intent to work as per the terms and conditions of BRIGHT. The later has the right to terminate the contract even before the completion of the contact period.

We look forward to a long standing mutual beneficial association with you.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

Bodhisattva Banerjee, Secretary

Annexure 1

Scope of works of DLAC:

1) You should put the BRIGHT Display Board (to be given by BRIGHT) in front of your centre. The board must be properly visible.

2) All the candidates coming to your centre for counseling should get proper attention.

3) The centre at any point of time should have two trained staffs to guide the candidates.

4) The candidate should get the computer systems along with proper net connection

5) Your staffs should guide the candidates as per the inputs given by BRIGHT

6) You be required to collect the information (name, address, e-mail and mobile nos, % of marks in HS, and name of the school, name of the preferred Engineering colleges) from all the candidates coming for counseling to your centre.

7) DLAC must maintain a record of candidates coming to the centre along-with the fees deposited by them directly to you. This record should tally with the record of BRIGHT.

8) DLAC will also generate probable candidates from adjacent areas.

9) Incase of any difficulties in attending any query then immediately take up the matter with our official Mr. _________________________ on (M) _______________________

Scope of works of BRIGHT:

1) BRIGHT will intimate candidates to visit the nearest DLAC centre for counseling and assistance.

2) BRIGHT will send Display Board and posters/leaflets to all DLAC for proper display and distribution.

3) BRIGHT will organize two days training session followed by exam for the staffs of all DLAC

4) BRIGHT will continuously feed the centre for different kind of counseling activities throughout the year.

Annexure 2

Dos and Don’ts of a DLAC:


1) DLAC can do the marketing within a designated area mutually agreed upon.

2) DLAC can conduct seminars in schools or any other places for students keeping the BRIGHT in confidence.

3) DLAC will always do the marketing/sales activities under the banner of BRIGHT

4) DLAC are entitled to offer or commit the services that are communicated to them by BRIGHT.

5) DLAC will only use the publicity materials / layouts / designs / write ups as provided by BRIGHT

6) DLAC should send a weekly report to BRIGHT as per the format given to them.

6. How can I participate in BRIGHT’s campaigning events?

BF campaigns for changes that will make the SOCIETY safer and more just for its poorest and most vulnerable people. Take action online now.


1) DLAC cannot advertize in any form and in any manner for any subject related to BRIGHT. A written prior approval is required from BRIGHT in such cases.

2) DLAC cannot charge extra fees from candidates coming for counseling in addition to the fees mentioned in the commercials.

3) DLAC cannot open another centre under the name of BRIGHT without prior approval from BRIGHT.

4) DLAC cannot disclose/share the database, details of business, business plans etc provided by BRIGHT or generated during the tenure of the contract to any third party/parties.

5) DLAC cannot stop the centre level activities without the prior intimation to the BRIGHT. In such cases DLAC has to give a three months notice in advance to BRIGHT from the date of actual closure.

Annexure 3


A : Career Counseling for selection of Technical Colleges

1) DLAC has to give a onetime Association Fee of Rs. 25,000/- to BRIGHT. This fee is for one year of contract period. Against this fee the DLAC will get one Display Board, Free Trainings for its staffs and one laptop for the centre.

2) DLAC will charge Rs. 300/- per candidate for counseling (that includes the normal internet access charge)

3) DLAC will keep Rs. 200/- per candidate and balance Rs. 100/- need to be credited to BRIGHT’s bank account.

No. of Candidates for counseling - 1000

Fee per head - 300

DLAC’s share - 200

Minimum Revenue (Rs.) - 200,000/-

B: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) iON counseling activities(Will start after the successful completion of Career Counseling)

DLAC will purchase the pack of TCS iON from BRIGHT and sale the same to 11th and 12th Science Students. Product details will be covered during the staff training.

1) One time association fees will be nil.

2) Earning potentials (for 600 packs):

No. of Packs - 300 (Class XI)

Purchase Price - 2500/-

Sale Price - 3000/-

DLAC’c margin per pack - 500/-

Minimum revenue (Rs) 150,000/-

No. of Packs - 300 (Class XII)

Purchase Price - 3000/-

Sale Price - 3500/-

DLAC’c margin per pack - 500/-

Minimum revenue (Rs) 150,000/-

Total - 300,000/-

Total minimum revenue per session (Rs) = 500,000/-

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